0.4 mod

0.4 module GEARBOX kits

0.4 module teeth have higher load carrying capacity appropriate for heavy HO scale model applications, most ‘S’ scale models and light ‘O’ scale applications such as traction models, speeders, etc. For most ‘O’ scale and larger applications, the 0.5mod and 0.6mod size gering is more appropriate. These gearboxes can be used singly or paired for articulated locomotives (use ‘HiLo’ set, a complete kit with matched gearboxes for re-powering articulated locomotives). 

7:1 and 14:1 ratio with 2.4mm input shaft - Suitable for HO, S and light ‘O’ scale models. Axle gearbox kits for building power trucks with motor in truck or driven by driveline from body mounted motor via transfer case (below) or direct drive line. Choice of 7:1 and 14:1 ratios; 2.4mm (3/32”) input shaft; choice of 3mm, 1/8” or 2.4mm output (axle) shaft fit. See #2050-6 series and #8060-4 series for matching geared wheelsets or order custom assembly to fit your specific needs.

0.4mod TRANSFER GEARBOX kits - 1:1 and 1.89:1 ratio with 2.4mm input shaft - Gearboxes to transfer power from a body mounted motor driveline to underfloor location for better alignment to wormshaft of truck axle mounted gearboxes (see #211-6 series above). Uses spur gears and thus prone to noisy operation, particularly at high speeds. Choice of 1:1 or 1.89:1 ratios. 2.4mm input and output shafts. Input shaft extends one side for connection to motor (see #480-6 series for universal connectors), output Use to build geared power trucks for S and O scale models.