Shaft Couplings & Driveline Universals

You’ve got the motor in place, the gearbox is installed, but how do you connect them?  You could use a piece of flexible tubing, but is it really flexible enough? or does it cause binding and friction? and will it slip under heavy load? or will it stiffen with age? or is it too flexible and whips causing a lockup or gallop? NWSL precision universal couplings are designed
and precision moulded of engineering acetal plastic to provide you with the most accurate,
concentric, efficient power connections available for miniature mechanisms. The press-fits make
them extremely easy to use, the size choices and combinations permit you to fit virtually any size
you’ll encounter, the engineering plastic allows you to tap and drill them like metal if you prefer or require set screws.  The self-lubrication quality of the acetal allows you to install them and forget them (but lubrication will extend their life by a factor of 10...which must be a very long time because we’ve never had one wear out un-lubricated!).