The Quarterer III

Quartering is the term for setting crankpins of locomotive drivers at 90 degrees ‘crank’ apart (similar to an automobile crankshaft). Accurate quarter of all drivers in a set to the same angle (whether exactly 90 degrees or not) is critical for smooth operation of model locomotives.

Offers precision in quartering model railroad steam locomotive drivers up to 2" (50mm) diameter (90" in O scale, 55" in Large Scale) with axles up to 1/4" in diameter (see #64-4 for smaller drivers such as HO and small ‘S’). Minimum crank throw (distance from axle center to crankpin center) is .260" (6.6mm). This accurate but rugged tool is usable in nearly all applications since it is designed to work on the outside of the driver set. Because of this, large axle bearings, stepped axles, or large axle gears do not hamper the HP Quarterer in accurately quartering drivers.

The crankpin bushings provided will fit driver crankpin screws of 2.0mm and 2.6mm thread OD. These two sizes seem to cover most available O scale drivers. Custom-made crankpin bushings are available direct from NWSL for any other size.


Part Number: 67-4